Applied Concealed Carry and Immediate Proximity Handgun - 2 Days

Learn to carry, employ and fight with your concealed carry firearm.

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COST: $595     Class size limited to 12

This course is designed to give people who utilize concealed handguns realistic training and methods to carry, employ, and fight with their handgun at a variety of distances from 0 to 25 yards. The vast majority of the work in this course will be from concealment. This is not a beginner’s course and a solid foundation in weapons handling and safety is required. Appendix carry holsters are welcome and will be specifically addressed. Any questions about holsters or other gear should be directed to the lead instructor in preparation for the course: Bob Welch;

Course will cover:

  • Defensive Handgun Fundamentals – Grip, Stance, Trigger, Presentations, Recoil Mitigation Concealment Options/Garments
  • Holster Selection/Design
  • Methods of Carry
  • Handgun Selection
  • Belts
  • Off-Body Carry Options (Purses, Book Bags, Vehicle Carry)
  • Practical Drawing/Shooting on the Move
  • Drawing/Shooting from Concealment – Two Hand, One Hand
  • Surreptitious Draw Stroke
  • Holstering to Concealment
  • Shooting from a Compressed Ready
  • Shooting from Retention
  • Disadvantaged Position Draw Work
  • Mindset, Awareness, and Realities of “Gunfighting”
  • Accelerated Shooting and Sighting Techniques Shooting
  • In and Around Non-Combatants and Family Members
  • Live Fire Situational Exercises


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  • Semi-automatic handgun
  • Three magazines (double-stack) or six magazines (single-stack)
  • Concealable Holster – Inside the Waistband (IWB), Outside the Waistband (OWB), Appendix IWB (AIWB)
    • Ankle holsters will be covered but not recommended as primary means of carry, no shoulder rigs
  • Concealment Garment –Closed Front (Sweatshirt, T-Shirt, Buttoned Shirt, etc.) or Open Front (Vest, Suit Jacket, Unzipped Sweatshirt, etc.)
  • Eye and ear protection (electronic type ear protection recommended)
  • Training knife (optional)
  • Appropriate Range Attire


  • 600 rounds of ammunition




FAST Pistol or REV Pistol  (NO EXCEPTIONS)



Deluxe on-site lodging is available at the Black Bear Lodge.  Please contact us for more information.

Accuracy and Precision

We teach the precise employment of firearms through the development of solid fundamental techniques.  On target, everytime.


Speed is a byproduct of being smooth.  Smoothness is developed by going slow and practicing.  We teach the techniques to make you smooth and fast.


Safety is paramount.  We live by the “four principles of gun safety ” and strive to instill this mentality into every client.

Client Experience

Lessons learned at The Site are enduring.  On the range and in the lodge, you are going to love training at The Site.



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