Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with any additional questions you might have.
Does the cost of the courses include lodging and meals?

The tuition fee covers only the training course. Lodging and meals are separate.

Do I need to bring anything to stay at the Black Bear Lodge?

Like a resort or hotel, the lodge has everything to make your stay comfortable.

Can we bring our own food and do our own cooking and grilling at the lodge?

Only if there are no other events or training courses taking place during the same time as this interferes with our cook who is preparing meals for other clients. An additional charge of $10.00 per day per person for utilities, trash, propane and additional cleanup will be added to the lodging fee.

We’re coming as a group for a private course and would like to bring our own food and do our own cooking. What kitchen services are available?

The lodge has a fully stocked commercial kitchen with dishes, flatware, napkins, paper towels, and cups for use by our guests in addition to three freezers, commercial refrigerator, microwave, pizza oven, and two outside BBQ grills.

What time can I check into the Black Bear Lodge if I want to arrive the day before my training class begins?

You can check in between 5 PM and 9 PM.

If I’m staying at the Black Bear Lodge the evening before class, will dinner be provided?

Dinner will not be provided the evening before the first day of class. All meals will begin with breakfast the morning of the first day of training usually at 7:15.

What time do classes start?

All classes will start at 8:00 AM sharp at The Site.

How close is the Black Bear Lodge to The Site?

The lodge is 3 miles from The Site. About a 5 or 6 minute drive.

Is there cell phone service at the lodge?

The best cell service around the lodge is US Cellular. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobil is very weak in this area but occasionally, depending on the weather, you may get 1 or 2 bars.

Those attending courses will find spots along the road between the range and lodge where they will receive strong enough signals to pull over and make calls.

Does the lodge have internet service?

Yes, the lodge has WiFi. which is not the fastest but will do for work related tasks, checking email, Facebook, Face Time etc.

Is there TV at the lodge?

Yes, the lodge has Dish network with TVs in the dining room, great room and one in each cabin.

Can I smoke or chew on the range?

Tobacco products are not allowed on the ranges.

Can I smoke in the Lodge?

The lodge is a no smoking environment, but you can smoke on the large deck that surrounds the lodge, just please discard any used smoking materials in the designated receptacles.

Can I bring my dog.

The lodge is a pet free facility as we are concerned with other guests who may be allergic or may have pet induced asthma.

Will we be eating lunch at the range?

No, we will be returning to the lodge during our lunch break. You will have time to freshen up, enjoy your lunch and prepare for the afternoon session.

Can I leave my firearms at the range when returning to the lodge and is it secure?

Yes, the range has a very secure, alarmed walk in vault for you to leave your firearms and ammo.

Does the range have washrooms?

Yes, the main building at the facility is air conditioned with fully equipped classrooms, men’s and women’s bathrooms and a refrigerated case for you to leave water bottles, sports drinks, etc.

What is most important gear to bring with me?

First, it’s a positive and friendly atmosphere in all courses so bring a positive attitude. Also, read the “GEAR ” tab for each course and bring everything on the list as it’s there for a reason.

Will I have access to my vehicle during the shooting day?

Yes, you can leave spare gear, a cooler with ice and water bottles, spare ammo, rain gear, etc., as we will pass the parking area frequently each day.

Will I need to bring my own safety equipment like eye and ear protection?

It’s always best to have your own protective equipment but if you forget, the range can provide both.

Are the ranges at The Site open for public shooting?

No. For now there are no full time Range Safety Officers to oversee open ranges.