Fighting Carbine - 2 Days

This new course is designed to teach students to effectively utilize their carbine rifles in a variety of defensive situations.

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COST: $695    Class size limited to 12

This course is designed to give students practical skills and knowledge in using their carbine rifles in a variety of defensive situations. Students should expect to receive a strong refresher in the area of Defensive Fundamentals and then quickly move on, pushing the boundaries of traditional flat range rifle training to cover areas often not addressed. The curriculum will take the shooter into the arena of dynamic performance shooting at a variety of distances from 0 (hands on) to 100 yards and also will involve work inside structures and vehicles. This is not a basic class and will require previous training in basic carbine safety, handling, operation and marksmanship.

Please arrive with a zeroed rifle as we will only be confirming zeros, not covering any theory. Optics (1X or Variable Power) are not mandatory but are strongly recommended. While other carbines are allowed, this class is best suited for AR style weapon systems.


Topics to be covered include –

  • Carbine Setup Refresher
  • Defensive Carbine Safety Refresher
  • Accelerated Defensive & Practical Fundamentals “Enough Accuracy As Fast As Possible”
  • Reloading Doctrine / Malfunction Clearances (Review)
  • Use of Cover Related to Positional Shooting
  • Moving to Shoot / Shooting to Move
  • Carbine Usage In and Around Vehicles
  • Injured Shooter Techniques (One Hand Shooting)
  • Long Gun Weapon Retention and Disengagement Techniques
  • Close Quarters Carbine Handling/Shooting
  • Structure Movement and Clearing with a Long Gun (200 rounds of Frangible Ammo Required)
  • Low Light Shooting and Tactics with a Carbine
  • Unconventional Shooting Positions
  • Force on Force / Decision Making


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  • Carbine Rifle
  • Minimum 3 Thirty Round Magazines (more is better)
  • Tactical Sling
  • Optic (optional but recommended) with Extra Batteries
  • Weapon Mounted Light with Extra Batteries
  • Electronic Ear Protection and Wrap Around Eye Protection
  • Magazine Pouches (at least two)
  • Baseball Cap
  • Close Necked Shirt
  • Thin Shooting Gloves are Recommended
  • 800 rounds of training ammo (FMJ)
  • 200 rounds frangible for Shoot House

The Site’s FAST Carbine.

Few if any exceptions allowed. Contact us prior to registering if you haven’t attended FAST Carbine or any of the other Site Carbine courses. We will not compromise curriculum for those who do not display the necessary safety and weapons handling skills necessary for this course.

Deluxe on-site lodging is available at the Black Bear Lodge.  Please contact us for more information.

Accuracy and Precision

We teach the precise employment of firearms through the development of solid fundamental techniques.  On target, everytime.


Speed is a byproduct of being smooth.  Smoothness is developed by going slow and practicing.  We teach the techniques to make you smooth and fast.


Safety is paramount.  We live by the “four principles of gun safety ” and strive to instill this mentality into every client.

Client Experience

Lessons learned at The Site are enduring.  On the range and in the lodge, you are going to love training at The Site.