Precision Rifle - 3 Days

COST:  $995

Class size limited to 10 students.

This fast paced, comprehensive course is designed for both novice and advanced level precision rifle shooters. The curriculum will cover the use and capabilities of the precision rifle system, comprehension of external environmental forces that affect bullet flight and the application of simple mathematical formulas that result in precise bullet placement on stationary and moving targets to 600 yards.

Precision Rifle

The course of instruction will additionally address:

  • Precision rifle maintenance,
  • Marksmanship,
  • Scope adjustments,
  • Range estimation,
  • Mil Dot and MOA variant reticle use,
  • External ballistics,
  • Wind evaluation and calling,
  • Shooting supported positions other than prone,
  • High angle trajectory principles
  • Stress shooting.

If you would like an exclusively tailored private course, please contact us to make arrangements. We will be more than happy to accommodate your request.


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  • Precision rifle (capable of sub-minute of angle accuracy)
  • Scope with MOA or Milradian adjustment target turrets and Mil-Dot or MOA variant reticle.  You will not be able to take full advantage of this course without a scope of this configuration.
  • Rifle mounted bipod; Atlas, Harris S series BR or L models most common
  • Kestrel (optional)
  • Cheek rest if your rifle does not have a stock with an adjustable cheek piece (Ex. Blackhawk, Hawktex)
  • Shooting mat
  • Spotting scope / stand (optional)
  • Small calculator (smartphone ok)
  • Small sand/bean bag for butt stock support
  • Rifle Cleaning Equipment: One piece stainless steel or coated rod, 12″ longer than barrel length (sectional rods not recommended), bore guide, bronze bore brush, nylon bore brush, patch jag, appropriate size cotton or flannel patches, powder solvent, copper solvent
  • Ear (electronic type recommended) and Eye Protection
  • Rite in the Rain notebook
  • Pencils (pens will not write in the rain) You will be provided a course curriculum manual with ample room for taking notes in each chapter
  • Clothing appropriate for the week’s weather
  • Ball cap or boonie hat
  • Rain gear (we will shoot in the rain if the weather dictates)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bag, backpack and/or drag bag for carrying all equipment
  • Ballistic program on smart phones highly recommended, i.e., Shooter or Ballistic AE

200 rounds of match ammunition.  Do not mix type or bullet weights as you will not be able to obtain consistent zeroes.



Deluxe on-site lodging is available at the Black Bear Lodge.  Please contact us for more information.

Accuracy and Precision

We teach the precise employment of firearms through the development of solid fundamental techniques.  On target, everytime.


Speed is a byproduct of being smooth.  Smoothness is developed by going slow and practicing.  We teach the techniques to make you smooth and fast.


Safety is paramount.  We live by the “four principles of gun safety ” and strive to instill this mentality into every client.

Client Experience

Lessons learned at The Site are enduring.  On the range and in the lodge, you are going to love training at The Site.


Contact us for more information on our courses offered, facilities, and how we can help plan your training experience.