REV - Home Defense: Realistic Expectations in Violence - 2 Days

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COST: $595 per person         Class size limited to 12.

2 days conducted almost entirely in our live fire shoot house. Course will focus on the proper methodology of clearing single and multiple rooms, hallways and stairwells. Home invasion de-escalation or escalation, thoughts on prioritizing actions in the home, i.e., staying where you are in the home and protecting yourself or moving through the home in defense of others (spouse, children, grandchildren etc.), 911 dispatch verbalization and dealing with law enforcement officers once they are at your home.

Subjects Covered:

  • Refresher on Firearms Safety and Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Handgun selection and set up for home defense
  • Two hand, one hand and weak hand shooting principles
  • Rapid firearm acquisition from safe home storage devices
  • Family security and safety
  • Interactions with assailants
  • Offensive and defensive use of cover and concealment
  • Movement through the house: negotiating corners, doorways, rooms, hallways, stairs, etc.
  • The role of the significant other in a home invasion situation
  • Communicating with family members and with law enforcement/911 dispatcher during a home invasion
  • Interaction with emergency personnel and actions with investigating officers



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  • Serviceable Pistol
  • Minimum Of 4 Magazines or Speed Loaders
  • Holster w/ Belt, Hip or Thigh
  • Mag Pouch, Double/Triple
  • Wrap Around Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection (electronic type recommended)
  • Boonie or Ball Cap
  • Gun Lube
  • Sunscreen

Appropriate Range Clothing: Long sleeve shirt with closed neck. You will be shooting on both paper and steel targets

500 rounds of ammunition (no reloads)

The Site’s FAST Pistol course. To ensure all participants of the REV courses (Pistol and Home Defense) have the requisite firearms handling skills for these two advanced courses, very few if any exceptions will be made.



Deluxe on-site lodging is available at the Black Bear Lodge.  Please contact us for more information.

Accuracy and Precision

We teach the precise employment of firearms through the development of solid fundamental techniques.  On target, everytime.


Speed is a byproduct of being smooth.  Smoothness is developed by going slow and practicing.  We teach the techniques to make you smooth and fast.


Safety is paramount.  We live by the “four principles of gun safety ” and strive to instill this mentality into every client.

Client Experience

Lessons learned at The Site are enduring.  On the range and in the lodge, you are going to love training at The Site.



Contact us for more information on our courses offered, facilities, and how we can help plan your training experience.